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The Planner Careers Survey 2019/20

In late 2019, we conducted a survey of RTPI members to find out how they feel about careers in planning in terms of:

  • - well-being at work
  • - training and development
  • - the impact of technology on planning.


Career insights

Some 550 RTPI members responded to the survey and gave us some excellent insights into the state of planning careers, from a planner's point of view.

What they told us confirmed the findings of our 2018/19 survey, which found that while a majority of planners rate their work experience positively, a sizeable minority do not. In particular, we found that dissatisfaction with opportunities for development, career progress, working conditions, pay and so forth was more concentrated in the public sector than the private. Significantly, however, more than half of ALL respondents said they felt theyir team or department did not have the resources it required to meet its goals.

Elsewhere, the survey told us that the majority of planners would like to receive more trianing in four key areas - technical planning skills, project management, management and soft skills - and we found that training needs changed with experience.

The 2019/20 Careers survey also told us that the majority of planners feel that technology has the potential to help planners produce better outcomes from their work. Our respondents identified a number of areas where technology was a particular help - not least in supporting admin-heavy and "menial" tasks and in reducing the requirement for site visits. The emergence of artificial intelligence in planning splut opion, however.

Download the PDF below to find out for yourself what else our survey revealed this year (registration required).


Download: The Planner Careers Survey 2019/20 












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