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The Planner Careers Survey 2018/19

In late 2018, we conducted a survey of RTPI members to find out how they feel about careers in planning in terms of:


  • - well-being at work
  • - opportunities for development
  • - how to make planning an attractive career choice for young people
  • - skills and knowledge required by 21st-century planners
  • - the future of planning careers.


Career insights

An impressive 965 RTPI members responded to the survey and gave us some excellent insights into the state of planning careers, from a planner's point of view.

What they told us confirmed some of our suspicions, and challenged others: for example, it is pleasing that the majority of planners rate their work experience positively. Less so that a sizeable minority do not. It’s reassuring that the larger portion of planners feel the profession will gain in importance, and that so many planners are alive to the skills they may need to accommodate the ‘mega-trends’ that shape our world.

Yet there are many issues raised by the survey results and many of the comments left by respondents; there is much for the profession to address. Good work is already being done, not least by the RTPI, but we hope our survey helps to further fuel the drive to make planning a truly worthwhile career for all of its present and future practitioners.

Download the PDF below and see for yourself (registration required).

Download: The Planner Careers Survey 2018/19 


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