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Democracy – a daring concept but should we give up on it?
Community Engagement | democracy | Housing | housing shortage | local government | Policy & Politics | UK

We may need to tweak - or even overhaul - our local decision-making system if we are to solve the housing shortage and get the sensible, well-planned development the nation needs, argues Louise-Brooke ...


  • Reece Lemon explains how he would change the English planning system.

  • A classic entry point into the profession for new planners is the graduate scheme, and many organisations offer their own variation on this. But what’s it like? We asked Owen Horrell, a principal planner with Pegasus Group, to tell us about his first steps into the profession

    A journey
  • Influence. It could be as weighty as changing national policy or as localised as being a good role model to junior staff in a local authority or small consultancy planning team.

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