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Step Change: Jennifer Winyard

RTPI members discuss their career-changing decisions

Jennifer Winyard ia a Senior Planner at Turley Associates
“The single most important decision I’ve made to date was undoubtedly when I was studying to be an architect and decided that I actually wanted to be a town planner. This was a very big turning point for me, a huge decision, and one I have never regretted. It literally transformed my career.
"I’d wanted to be an architect from when I was just eleven years old. At university I was excited about studying to become an architect, and I then took a year out to work for an architectural practice. At that stage I had a lot of contact with planners and this made me think about the built environment in a much more holistic way instead of just concentrating on the design of buildings.
“I became more interested in how spaces evolve and fit together. This inspired me and I became convinced that I had the skills to become a planner.

"With my background in architecture, I think I am a great asset to my company"

"So I made my decision! I did a twelve month Masters in planning, which I really enjoyed, and then got a job as a planner at Turley Associates. With my background in architecture, I think I am a great asset to my company. I’m able to develop very good relationships with architects, and perhaps they are more open with me because they know I will be able to see things from their viewpoint.
"The decision I made also indirectly led me to get involved in ‘Women in Property’, the national organisation that seeks to enhance the profile of women in the sector by encouraging and nurturing aspiring talent. I have been very involved in their students awards scheme and education roadshow.
"This means that I can explain what a town planner does to students and hopefully inspire a few more women to do what I did and enter the profession or at least let them know what great opportunities there are in planning. I get to share my experience and show how my career has progressed.”
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