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Step Change: Brett Spiller

RTPI members discuss their career-changing decisions

Brett Spiller is group planning and estates manager at New Earth Solutions
“My biggest career decision undoubtedly came seven years ago when I decided to move as a planner into an industry that I believed was about to undergo a major transformation – waste management – and so it proved to be the case.  At the time, many of my colleagues thought I was taking a major risk with my career but it has proved the best decision I have made regarding my professional life. 
“I was working as a planning manager for a local authority and saw the opportunity to move into an industry that I thought was at an embryonic stage, with new technologies emerging to divert waste away from landfill. That might seem obvious now but it wasn’t then. Back in 2006 most waste went into landfill and we were only beginning to see the early impact of European policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
“I thought the industry was going to need good planners and that it was an opportunity for planners to make a real impact at a time when there was going to be an explosion in developing new alternative technologies. 

"I am really proud of what I have achieved as a planner within this industry"

 “To come in right of the start of that was very exciting, but it was also a chance to influence the direction of an ambitious company. New Earth Solutions regarded planning as central to their business which immediately impressed me. I particularly enjoyed the switch back to a delivery role and the sense of purpose that came with it. Not only did I get to see the fruits of my labour – with a network of waste management and energy facilities on the ground – but I got to see the environmental benefits of their ongoing operation.
“The role has grown. I remain passionate about engaging with local communities and the company sees planners as absolutely integral to the business. I like to think that the planning team will actively contribute to its ongoing growth. 
“I am really proud of what I have achieved as a planner within this industry and have never regretted my decision.”
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