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Stefan Webb: My view on... Digital planning systems


Stefan Webb believes the digital transformation of planning must be achieved in a more unified manner.

The digital transformation of the planning system is already happening, but while the future might already be here, it’s not yet evenly distributed. Until all planning authorities in England approach digital transformation in a unified manner, we will continue to develop disparate ways of solving common challenges.

Connected Places Catapult and the RTPI have been working together to understand how planning professionals can best adopt new technologies to create a more efficient, effective and accessible planning system that frees up planners to plan.

Our joint vision is underpinned by a series of principles that should guide planners, digital teams and decision-makers when making choices about how to design, procure and build the different components of a future planning system.

We’re encouraging organisations to sign up to the principles, as well as creating specific calls to action, setting out what government departments and agencies, local authorities and the planning industry must do to begin delivering a digital planning system.

Stefan Webb is Director of Digitising Planning at the Connected Places Catapult.

More information can be found here. 

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