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RTPI blog round-up: The Planning Factor: Why planning is critical to solving London’s housing crisis

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A round-up of RTPI blogs: 4 September-9 October, 2015

The Planning Factor (Part II)

As we suggested in a previous post (see second blog), solving the housing crisis, particularly in London, will involve measures to increase supply, but also crucially giving greater consideration to how we can guarantee the quality of housing and the broader quality of places. We diagnosed some of the problems, going beyond what can often be reductively assumed in some media articles (that ‘planning is the problem’ and so more planning deregulation is the ‘solution’). In this post, we draw on this diagnosis to put forward some solutions that have planning and planners at their centre.

By Joseph Kilroy and David Pendlebury, policy and research, specialising in housing and economics respectively

The Planning Factor: Why planning is critical to solving London's housing crisis (Part I)

A striking feature of a recent Metro article on London’s housing crisis – sadly typical of many articles of this type – was the absence of input from any planners. Amidst talk of a ‘housing crisis’ there is a danger of becoming narrowly obsessed with increasing supply without giving due consideration to the kind of places we actually want to live in.

By Joseph Kilroy and David Pendlebury, policy and research, specialising in housing and economics respectively

Deeds not words? Civic engagement and universities 

I recently attended the annual UK/Ireland Planning Research Conference at London South Bank University. A running theme throughout the keynote of Mark Tewdwr-Jones (Newcastle University) was how the university can give back to the community, which made me think of how we can achieve civic engagement through research.

By Victoria Pinoncely, research officer

Why the best in planning research deserves more recognition 

We know there’s good research out there with critical lessons for practice. The challenge is how to get it to practitioners. The RTPI’s Research Awards are just one of the ways in which that the institute is trying to promote the importance of planning research to wider audiences.

By Dr Michael Harris, deputy head of policy and research

What are the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) priorities for planners?

It’s the start of a new school year in the UK and Ireland. Lesson plans have been written, the uniforms are still looking smart, everyone is rested and happy to be back and the children are eager to learn (hopefully). So how about planners? How about taking that ‘back to school’ feeling and reviewing your continuing professional development priorities by updating your professional development plan? Planners work at the crossroads of many social, economic and environmental issues and engage with a wide range of people and organisations to create better places. CPD is vital for all planners to develop and refresh their knowledge and skills in order to be able to balance these often competing demands and to be good at their job.

By Cat Goumal, RTPI senior education and lifelong learning officer, and Sarah Lewis,the planning practice officer


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