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Inspiring the next generation and championing planning through CPD

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The RTPI is working hard to identify, engage and educate the next generation of planners, says Andrew Close

Your institute continues to develop resources to engage with teachers and young people through its Future Planners Ambassadors campaign, the introduction of the apprenticeships scheme and an annual school competition.

Many RTPI members also wish to ‘give back’ and inspire new planners. Throughout all our work as planners, RTPI members represent the profession on a daily basis, something that is recognised in the code of conduct expectations of integrity and reputation.

Though 50 hours of required CPD over two years only amounts to half an hour a week, I know from friends it may sometimes feel a chore. Can it be fun? Well yes – under the institute’s core CPD framework I’d like to propose we all think of ourselves as Future Planners Ambassadors and use some of those 50 hours to actively participate and advocate planning as a career choice.

‘Championing Planning’ is top of the list of 10 areas of professional development identified in the core CPD framework. Perhaps as part of your personal CPD goals you want to practise your presentation and Q&A skills, and use consultations on work proposals to raise awareness in local schools and convert university students.

Inspired? Register your ideas and activity with us at [email protected]

The framework sets out guidance for members because the RTPI’s role must be more than just monitoring. It is based on research done with members and employers, and is not compulsory but sets the standard for the profession. It is hopefully broad enough for members at any point of their career.

“The framework sets out guidance for members because the RTPI’s role must be more than just monitoring”

I am struck by great examples within The Planner Careers Survey of members taking responsibility for their own CPD. We would like more employers to support members to do this – look no further than the winner of the RTPI Learning Partner of the Year award in 2019: Edinburgh City Council.

All four skills from the survey in which planners feel they need training (technical, project management, management, soft skills) are provided at various locations in this year’s RTPI UK training programme – you can book these masterclasses on our website.

So if you are stuck for options, I’d urge you to look out for the Core CPD badge. ‘Championing Planning’ also relates to how planners can practice and improve their effectiveness through mediation, negotiation and good communication in the workplace.  

Look out for online advice on communication tips and engagement techniques on RTPI Learn in 2020. Members can sign up for free to choose bite-size e-learning modules to do while commuting or at lunchtime.

Andrew Close is head of careers, education and professional development at the RTPI, overseeing the institute’s accreditation, CPD, apprenticeship and training teams

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