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Charlotte Orrell: My view on... Plantech

A woman immersed in technology

Planner Charlotte Orrell believes that the ‘PlanTech’ revolution isn’t a fad – it’s happening right now, and it’s here to stay 

The use of new digital technology for planning – or ‘PlanTech’ – in both the public and private sectors is increasing, but its use within our day-to-day work is still minimal compared with our real estate counterparts and planners abroad.

I believe that, as planners, we must all adapt to this new way of thinking or we will soon be watching our industry get left behind. Collectively we need to drive the process and embrace the change. We need to open our minds to a more transparent system, in which data and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) systems are trusted more. We must cooperate better with one another, whether across public and private sectors or across national borders.

"We must all adapt to this new way of thinking or we will soon be watching our industry get left behind"

Recent progress in the plantech sector should be celebrated, but together as an industry we should certainly be driving innovation further. In fact, by doing so, we’ll be future-proofing our industry.

Charlotte Orell is a senior planner at Iceni Projects sitting within its central London team. As part of the ‘Iceni Futures’ sector group, she has a particular interest in the role technology can play within the planning industry and the built environment as a whole. 


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