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Blog: Pickles-vision


Communities secretary Eric Pickles is backing recording and filming of planning meetings.

In a first, Long Harbour & Barratt East Scotland Ltd cites the use of Twitter at a planning meeting as an issue in the planning permission appeal.
The complaint is that the Cockburn Association used Twitter to provide a running commentary during the hearing before Edinburgh’s planning authority.
The appellants note they were restricted to a 15-minute presentation. and say if had they been aware of the Twitter commentary “they too could have formed an active participant in related supposed ‘fair’ debate”.
Appeal documents include tweets to provide a flavour of the commentary. The council’s response does not appear to comment on this complaint. Given the conciseness of appeal decision letters, I suspect the reporter might not comment on it either.
But it highlights how the use of social media raises new problems.
Neil Collar is a partner at Brodies


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