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Year-on-year decline in planning application submissions continues

Words: Laura Edgar
New homes / iStock: 181857721

In May, 57,438 applications from England and Wales were submitted to the Planning Portal.

This is a decline of 10 per cent compared with May 2021. In total for the year to date, submissions have amounted to a 15 per cent total reduction compared with 2021.

However, the figure is up on the 52,075 submissions in April 2022.

As with April, all the regions in England and Wales saw a reduction in submissions when compared with May 2021. According to the Planning Portal's May Planning Market Insight Report, the South West saw a decline of 5 per cent, with London and Wales reporting declines of 6 per cent – these were the lowest reduction rates recorded.

The largest reductions were reported in Yorkshire and The Humber (-13 per cent), and the North East, North West and the South East (12 per cent).

The report also notes that applications for full planning and associated consents have dropped by 7 per cent year on year, and outline applications have seen a 15 per cent reduction, a 2 per cent increase on April.

There was a 7 per cent increase in planning fees in May 2022 compared with May 2021, totalling £27,629,829. This is despite the 10 per cent decline.

In May, Planning Portal, introduced 12 new prior approval forms to its planning application service. The forms went live on 19 May; for the last eight working days of May, 91 applications were submitted using these forms.

Of these, 56 were for ‘Change of use – commercial/business/service to dwelling houses’.

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