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World's biggest offshore wind farm planned for Suffolk coast

Words: Sam Waddicor

Plans for two new wind farms off the Suffolk coast, one of which could become the largest offshore wind farm in the world, have been announced.

East Anglia One has just been approved and plans for East Anglia Three have gone on display. They are two of up to six projects that could be set up in the area, known as the East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm Zone.

East Anglia One,which has just been given development consent by the government, could become the biggest offshore wind farm in the world, overtaking the London Array in Kent. The plan is for up to 325 turbines to be installed 27 miles (43km) off the Suffolk coast, and the scheme is expected to create nearly 3,000 jobs in the local area.

Proposals for East Anglia Three say that up to 172 turbines will be constructed producing a capacity of 1,200MW. The consent application for East Anglia Three is expected to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in November 2014. Plans are currently on display in Bawdsey, Burnstall, Woodbridge and online.

Following the planning decision on East Anglia One, Planning Inspectorate chief executive, Sir Michael Pitt, said: “This is a significant application for the offshore wind energy sector and required a panel of four examining inspectors who were given the task of considering the evidence put to them by the interested parties.

“A major priority for us over the course of the examination was to ensure that communities who might be affected by this proposal had the opportunity to put forward their views.”