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Westminster council targets affordable housing increase

Words: Laura Edgar
Family home / iStock-613765260

Westminster City Council outlines plans to deliver nearly 1,500 homes a year and affordable housing for middle-income families.

City Plan 2019-2040 is based on three themes – growth; homes and community; and a healthier and greener city.

Through these themes, the council’s ambition is to build 1,495 new homes every year, 50 per cent more than the London Plan requires and it meets the number derived using the standard methodology.

The average earner cannot afford the price of the majority of homes in Westminster. Only 1.5 per cent of homes are classed as ‘intermediate’ – at least 20 per cent below market rent.

Social housing is a priority in London, with 25 per cent of the homes in Westminster designated as such, but the council said this leaves most average earners unable to find a place to live in the city. The plan focuses on providing homes for “a cross section of the community, not simply the richest and poorest”, with 35 per cent set to be affordable for a range of incomes.

The plan calls on developers to be imaginative in creating high-quality affordable housing by considering modern methods of construction, including modular homes.

Additionally, City Plan 2019-2040 commits the councils to creating more green and open space; ensuring that new developments are air quality-neutral; and encouraging the delivery of enough business floor space to accommodate 75,000 new jobs.

City Plan 2019-2040 and the consultation can be found here on the council's website.

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