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West London council to host virtual planning meeting

Words: Laura Edgar
Virtual planning meeting / iStock-508060428

Kensington and Chelsea Council is due to host what it believes will be the first fully virtual planning meeting since new regulations came into force last week. 

Tomorrow (9 April), Kensington and Chelsea Council will convene its planning applications committee meeting, which will be chaired by James Husband. 

Ordinarily, the 1972 Local Government Act requires councillors to be present to decide applications, but the Coronavirus Act and the temporary regulations override this during the Covid-19 pandemic. The regulations came into effect on 4 April.

Committee meetings can now take place virtually, by phone or video link.

Councillors, officers and members of the public who have asked to speak at the meeting will be able to dial into the virtual call. This will be broadcast via the council’s website for the wider public.

All relevant documents are available online and officers will make online presentations during the meeting.

Husband, chairman of the planning applications committee, said: “It was good to see government publishing regulations so quickly and recognising how important it is to keep local democracy moving. In Kensington and Chelsea, planning committees are regularly among the council’s best-attended meetings. Getting member decisions up and running again is really important to us and our residents so we have wasted no time in preparing for our first meeting.”

The agenda can be found here on the council website.

Image credit | iStock