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Welsh ministers want help in delivering new development framework

Words: Roger Milne

The Welsh Government has issued a general call for evidence and notification of projects to help it deliver the new national spatial framework – the so-called National Development Framework (NDF).

The administration said it would welcome evidence on issues surrounding the role and scope of the NDF.

Ministers are interested in which national issues should be addressed in the framework (e.g. areas for growth, new infrastructure requirements and how to manage national assets).

The government also wants views on:

  • How the NDF can maximise the opportunities from new development and the management of assets to ensure the planning system supports the delivery of the government’s key strategic objectives; and

  • The NDF’s role in shaping the new-look regional strategic development plans and local authority local development plans.

It wants details of projects that:

  • Help to deliver the government’s planning objectives;

  • Are of national importance;

  • Can support the delivery of wider projects and initiatives as part of a joined-up and co-ordinated plan; and

  • Could not be dealt with at a regional or local level.

Roisin Willmott, director of RTPI Cymru, said: “The NDF provides a valuable opportunity to provide a strategic approach to the delivery of important infrastructure which is needed at a national level. This will help the government, investors and communities alike to ensure we deliver the right infrastructure in the right places. This is an opportunity for everyone to input and support the establishment of this important approach for Wales."

RTPI Cymru will be providing a response to the government. If members would like to contribute they should send their views to [email protected]

The call for evidence document can be found here (pdf).

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