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Welsh housing budget to help provide 20,000 homes

Words: Laura Edgar
Carl Sargeant | National Assembly for Wales

Welsh communities secretary Carl Sargeant has said the ‘strong’ budget will help the Welsh Government meet its target to deliver an extra 20,000 affordable homes during this government term.

Speaking at the Chartered Institute of Housing conference in Cardiff, Sargeant said the £1.36 billion allocated over this government term, in support of housing priorities, will help him to deliver a more ambitious housing agenda over the next five years.

He welcomed the latest statistics suggesting that the Welsh Government exceeded its target of 10,000 additional affordable homes in the last assembly.

Also, according to the statistics, in 2015-16 local authorities reported that 2,400 additional affordable units had been delivered – an increase of 8 per cent on the previous year.

Sargeant said partnership working was the key to delivering on the government’s target.

"The Housing Supply Pact between Welsh Government and Community Housing Cymru played a crucial role in meeting the 10,000 affordable homes target in the last term of government. Talks are at an advanced stage to establish another pact for this term, and we are also involving the Welsh Local Government Association in that process to make it even stronger."

Sargeant added that he recognised the importance of the private sector in delivering new homes.

"I want to strengthen the relationship with the private sector and look forward to continuing to work with colleagues through initiatives such as the House Builders Engagement Programme, so together we can tackle barriers to housing supply across Wales.”

Additionally, he confirmed that work is already under way to abolish the Right to Buy and the Right to Acquire.

Image credit | National Assembly for Wales