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Welsh green chief calls for more joined-up environmental planning

Words: Roger Milne

Organisations in Wales need to make a step-change in the way they think about the environment, according to the chief executive of Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

Emyr Roberts said that institutions in Wales need to become far more joined-up in their environmental planning.

“If we are really going to make the best of the environment in Wales, we must all think of it in a joined-up way.

“All the institutions in Wales need to consider the opportunities which our natural resources provide and the threats they are facing, and act in a way which optimises the outcome,” he argued in a keynote speech at the National Eisteddfod in Llanelli.

“This means thinking not just about impacts on wildlife, or jobs, or society, but considering all these things together, and making the right choices.

“If we fail to act in a joined-up way then future generations will pay the price for our mistakes,” Roberts warned.

He insisted that his organisation was committed to leading on joined-up thinking on environmental and natural resource management.

Roberts cited the example of a project in Llanelli where Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) has been working in partnership with NRW. This work has created swales to divert rainwater away from surface water drains, providing a greener, more pleasant area for local people and reducing their flood risk.