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Welsh Government responds to Law Commission report

Words: Laura Edgar

The Welsh Government has published its interim response to the Law Commission’s report into planning law in Wales.

The Law Commission made 193 recommendations in its report, which was published in December 2018. These should simplify the legislation and make it fit for purpose. They include:  

  • making clear the principles underlying the planning system in Wales;
  • simplifying the law in respect of when planning permission is required; and
  • clarifying the status of outline planning applications.

In a written statement housing minister Julie James said the response sets out, in particular, the Welsh Government’s views on the need to simplify and to consolidate planning law.

The response states that the report “reinforces the Welsh Government’s long-held view about the complexity of the legislative framework underpinning the planning system”.

Current planning legislation is voluminous and fragmented; James notes that the report highlights about 30 pieces of interlocking primary legislation (in whole or part) relating to this area of law. “This clearly affects accessibility to the law, in addition to its quality in terms of complexity and clarity.”

The minister added that simplified and consolidated planning legislation “will produce real practical benefits to all stakeholders in the planning system”.

The response also outlines the Welsh Government’s views on the case for a planning code and the scope of the initial consolidation exercise.

A detailed response is due by the end of November.

The full interim response can be found here on the Welsh Government website.

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