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Welsh draft National Development Framework published

Words: Roger Milne
Consultation / Istock

Consultation has begun on the first draft of the Welsh Government’s National Development Framework (NDF).

The blueprint outlines a 20-year land use framework. In its final form the document will underpin the country’s strategic development plans and local development plans.

The NDF highlights 12 policy elements and their attendant objectives. These include: housing; transport; city regions & growth deals; economic principles and regeneration; climate change, decarbonisation and energy; the Welsh language; and digital infrastructure.

The document identifies the spatial issues and the strategic direction of the NDF policies in terms of placemaking and Wales’s regions. It also echoes themes identified in the recently published 10th edition of Planning Policy Wales.

RTPI Cymru has welcomed the consultation. Director Roisin Willmott FRTPI said: “An NDF for Wales could be a powerful tool to guide strategic land use development and the provision of infrastructure in an integrated, sustainable and economically viable manner.  

“RTPI Cymru believes the NDF should set the framework for decision-making on major spatial planning policy and infrastructure at the national level. The content of the NDF needs to be strategic in nature, setting the context for taking difficult national decisions at a much earlier stage than is currently the case.

“It should inform long-term investment goals and identify the strategic development consequences of major infrastructure, and the infrastructure consequences of strategic development. Importantly, the NDF should lead on integrating major investment decisions and support strategic and local development planning across Wales.”

The National Development Framework: Issues, Options and Preferred Option consultation can be found on the Welsh Government website.

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