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Welsh capital faces EV charging challenge

Words: Roger Milne
Electric car charging / iStock-587947348-(1)

The Welsh capital needs an extra 9,900 charging points for electric cars by 2025 to cope with an increase in demand, according to the Cardiff City Council’s latest assessment.

The city currently has fewer than 100 charging points and will need about 10,000 within four years.

A report detailing progress in the council’s ambition to be carbon-neutral by 2030 suggests that nine out of 10 cars could be electric by 2035.

Providing thousands of extra charging points is only one element of a massive shift in how Cardiff’s transport activity is set to change.

Car clubs, hydrogen-fuelled vehicles and charging drivers from outside the capital to use Cardiff’s roads are all in prospect alongside much greater public transport use and a surge in active travel.

Challenges to the shift to electric vehicles were discussed by the council’s environmental scrutiny committee this week.

Andrew Gregory, its director of planning, transport and environment, is quoted as saying: “We're moving as quickly as possible. There’s a wide range of proposals coming forward for fast chargers, chargers in residential areas, new technologies in terms of how that is provided through specific bespoke charging points or through existing infrastructure like bollards.

“But we don't want to go ahead of the technology and make some presumptions about how this is going to be in two to three years, in terms of the type of connections.

“Other cities have done that and are now finding they have got a load of redundant infrastructure that they have put in. So [we’re] trying to get the right balance.”

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