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Webinar: Establishing Effective Engagement – Consultation in 2018

Words: The Planner
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The Planner – in association with the developers of the community engagement platform Commonplace – are set to debate the best ways in which planners can manage truly effective consultation processes in a free webinar.

The discussion will take place during an hour-long live webinar, to be broadcast on Wednesday 26 September, at 12:00 midday.

The newly revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) makes much of the value in meaningful, ‘effective’ engagement. But in 2018, what does – and should – ‘effective engagement’ really involve?

During the webinar, we’ll ask:

  • Just how effective is the word ‘effective’? What issues of interpretation does its use typically cause? We’ll be including a legal perspective on the issue.
  • How is community engagement evolving? What influences are social, demographic and technological changes having on the process?
  • What impact are new forms of analysis such as sentiment mapping having on results of consultation exercises?
  • To what extent is handheld technology redefining how we democratise the consultation process?
  • What do people still get wrong about the fundamentals of engagement?

Presenters include:

Martyn Evans, non-executive director at Commonplace

Sue Manns FRTPI, Sue Manns Associates

(More presenters to be announced)

More details and information about signing up for the webinar can be found here.

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