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Wales updates advice on flooding and climate change risks

Words: Roger Milne

Welsh chief planner Neil Hemington has written to planning authorities to highlight the latest guidance on climate change allowances in areas at risk of flooding.

This is to ensure that development does not take place where the risk of flooding is unacceptable – either now or in the future. It also aims to ensure that development permitted is designed to withstand increasing flood risk caused by climate change.

The letter states: “The risk of flooding is expected to increase as a result of climate change and it is important for consideration to be given to this increased risk when considering planning applications and preparing and reviewing local development plans.”

The advice sets out how projected increases to peak river flows and sea levels, resulting from climate change, should be incorporated into flood consequence assessments (FCAs), for individual planning applications and for the purpose of development planning, in areas where there is a risk of flooding.

These climate projections should be incorporated into FCAs accompanying planning applications submitted from 1 December 2016.

The guidance will be updated when the next climate projections are produced. Any queries on the climate projections or how to incorporate them within a FCA should be raised with Natural Resources Wales.

The letter and guidance can be found here.

Image credit | Shutterstock