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Voting opens for 2018 RTPI vice-president

Words: Laura Edgar
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The RTPI has announced the nominations for a number of board places, including the 2018 vice-president, with voting now open.

The institute is asking its members to look out for a letter or email from Mi Voice, this year’s election provider, and ensure that they have voted by 5pm on 29 September. Amongst the posts is the role of 2018 vice-president, the holder of which will go on to become president of the institute in 2019.

Stephen Wilkinson, RTPI president, said: "These elections represent an important opportunity for our members to influence the direction of the institute. It is crucial that all members who are eligible to vote take this opportunity.”

The 2018 vice president nominees

Sue Bridge MRTPI is a trustee and the current chair of the policy practice and research committee. She said: “We must campaign to keep the good features of the current planning and environmental regime through effective engagement with government. We must also continue to promote the benefits of planning, from the strategic to the neighbourhood, build on our successful research programmes, capitalise on the devolution agenda, learn from best practice and draw inspiration from international colleagues.”


Ian Tant MRTPI is a trustee and the current vice-chair of the policy practice and research committee. He said: “Throughout the period to Brexit in 2019 – and beyond – planners have a critical task of ensuring that development needs, the importance of place, and related environmental issues remain high on the agenda in all our nations and regions. The RTPI does much already but to many members, this is ‘below the radar’. I believe now is the time to become outspoken.”

Videos of Bridge and Tant explaining why they are standing for RTPI vice-president can be found on the RTPI’s YouTube page:

Sue Bridge

Ian Tant

Votes can also be placed for a number of other board places on the General Assemby and the Board of Trustees.

The nominations for these can be found on the RTPI website.

More information about voting can be found here.

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