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Urbed to write national design code

Words: Huw Morris
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The government has commissioned Manchester-based consultancy Urbed to write the national design code, a key plank of its planning reforms.

Under reforms in the Planning for the Future white paper unveiled earlier this month, a national model urban design code will be available for local authorities to adapt into their own codes.

The national design code should set out clear rules for developers with the aim of fast-tracking “beautiful” developments. In “growth” zones, envisaged under the reforms, planning permission will be automatically granted if they comply with the local design code and given permission in principle in “renewal” zones.

Local codes are expected to reflect the history and fabric of particular areas and will be one of the few parts of the reformed planning system where the community can have a significant input.

Urbed said it is “very pleased” to be working on the commission and the code will “look to ensure a greater consistency of design across new development”.

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