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Universities seek views on planning

Words: Laura Edgar
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Queen’s University Belfast, Cardiff University and Cardiff Metropolitan University have begun a project to find out the experiences of stakeholder engagement in planning systems in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Wales.

A survey seeking views from planning stakeholders operating in each country is open until 30 September 2019.

It also aims to explore views on each of the planning systems in relation to: the public interest and related issues; changes in perceptions, based on a survey of comparable stakeholder population in Northern Ireland from 2011; perceived relationships between various stakeholders; and priorities for reform or change.

The research is being conducted by academics from the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen's University Belfast, the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University and the School of Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The answers will contribute to research into planning theory and evaluation. It is also designed to inform the discussion, design and delivery of planning policy and the governance, resourcing and regulation of development.

A report on the findings will be published in early 2020.

Professor Geraint Ellis, Queen's University Belfast, told The Planner: "The range of ways the planning system contributes to society are very rarely evaluated. A particular challenge is how to understand the value placed on diverse issues and outcomes by different stakeholders, while another is to evaluate levels of trust of various actors in the planning system. This survey seeks to generate important insights into these tricky issues and builds on a previous research undertaken solely in Northern Ireland during 2010. The current survey expands this to provide both historical data for Northern Ireland but also develops a comparative dataset, and now includes Wales and the Republic of Ireland. It is anticipated that the survey will provide rich findings on a wide range of issues and will contribute to future planning reform. The survey will result in outputs that include a freely available final report, presentations to key audiences and a range of academic papers.

"The survey seeks the views of all those who have a direct interest in our planning systems, including public and private sector planners, politicians, developers, members of community groups and individual citizens, so please help and disseminate widely."

The surveys forms for each country can be found here:

Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland


For more information, please contact Dr Jenny Crawford at [email protected]

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