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UK congestion could cost drivers up to £62 billion in next decade

Words: Huw Morris
road traffic

The cost to drivers of time wasted in congestion at the UK’s worst traffic hotspots could soon amount to £61.8 billion.

Data specialist INRIX, using its Roadway Analytics traffic analysis tool, reveals that London has 12,776 traffic hotspots – more than any other city analysed, and time wasted in gridlock at these locations could cost drivers in the capital £42 billion by 2025.

The UK’s worst traffic congestion is on the M25 between junctions 15 (M4) and 16 (M40). Outside of the capital the worst traffic hotspot is on the A720 Edinburgh Bypass.

The calculations were determined by an “impact factor” that multiplied the average duration of a traffic jam with its average length and the number of times it occurred in September 2016.

The cost to drivers because of time wasted in traffic at these areas, calculated using the Department for Transport’s “value of time” research, amounts to £61.8 billion in the UK by 2025 if congestion levels are not reduced.