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Timothy Crawshaw inaugurated as RTPI president

Words: Laura Edgar

Timothy Crawshaw MRTPI has taken over the role as president of the RTPI from Dr Wei Yang.

The 2022 president plans to focus on wellbeing, climate change and levelling up within the industry.

Describing being president of the institute as an honour, Crawshaw said: “My interest and practice is in the interconnected issues of wellbeing, climate change and tackling inequalities. The impact of these three factors on the ability to change lives is central to why I am a planner. It is my hope that leading such an influential institution and talking about these issues will have an untold impact on the progression of the planning industry.

“Planners are the conductors of the built environment orchestra; they bring the various disciplines together to create a harmonious composition. At the RTPI, we help planners to understand their role, to meet the professional challenges of what’s being put in front of them and to ultimately succeed in making the world a better place.”

"Planning is for everyone. Planning is as fundamental as food," added Crawshaw. "While we're the experts – and should rightly be recognised as such – we represent the communities we serve and it is incumbent upon us to provide communities with the understanding and skills to engage meaningfully with the planning system."

Victoria Hills, chief executive, added: “Tim has long been a visionary in planning, applying his creativity, experience, and passion for design to the industry. We’re excited to welcome him as RTPI’s president in 2022, and I know that all RTPI and its members will benefit from his expertise.

“As a thoughtful and passionate leader, Tim has helped bring understanding and creativity to some of planning’s most urgent challenges. His dedication to benefiting the way we live will help RTPI continue to make a positive impact within and through the planning industry.”

Attendee numbers at the inauguration were restricted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the event was live-streamed on the RTPI website.

Crawshaw takes over from Dr Wei Yang FRTPI, who thanked the institute for offering her the privilege of leading the organisations. In her parting words as president, she said she had "no doubt that the heyday of the planning professions is coming. Let's grab it with both our hands".

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Image credit | Andy Jones