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Thomas White Oxford submits planning application for Oxford North

XXXX / Press Release

Planning and architectural consultancy Thomas White Oxford has submitted a planning application to Oxford City Council, on behalf of St John’s College, to transform an area in north Oxford into a sustainable business community.

The proposal would provide a £100 million infrastructure investment, and create jobs, homes, open spaces, and three new parks.

The Oxford North submission is a hybrid application, which seeks consents for the masterplan and the first phase of development.

Julian Barwick, project chairman, Oxford North, said: “Phase one will see the A40 improvement works including a new bus lane and cycleways, complementing Oxfordshire County’s wider strategy to deliver an outer ring of park-and-ride sites and express busways to the city.

“From 23 acres of open space to 40 per cent reduced water consumption, 850 electric car charging points and 5.7 miles of new and improved cycle paths, and all the buildings in phase one being 100 per cent electric – ecologically, we believe this is a development to be proud of.”

Further information about the project can be found on the Oxford North website.

Image credit | Fletcher Priest Architects