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Thames Water reaffirms strategic reservoir plans for ‘stressed’ South East

Words: Huw Morris

Plans for a strategic reservoir in the South East are a key feature of Thames Water’s scheduled investment up to 2025 and beyond.

As part of regulator Ofwat’s 2019 price review, water companies are required to reveal detailed business plans outlining how they will meet customers’ needs from 2020-25 and beyond. These cover investment, charges and improving the long-term resilience of their infrastructure and operations.

Thames Water intends to spend £11.7 billion on improving infrastructure, reducing leakages, cutting pollution incidents, with a strategic reservoir in the South East part of its long-term planning.

The company announced in August that it intends to hold a second consultation on plans for a major reservoir near Abingdon after an earlier exercise attracted opposition from campaigners, Oxfordshire County Council and local MPs.

The new consultation, which is expected to start at the end of this month, will be informed by latest population statistics and national infrastructure assessments.

The Environment Agency predicts that the region will become increasingly “water-stressed” because of the impact of climate change.

Image credit | Shutterstock