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Tendring adopts part one of local plan

Words: Laura Edgar
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Tendring District Council has adopted the first part of its local plan after members at a full council meeting backed it.

The initial section of the plan, which covers the period from 2013 to 2033, was drawn up jointly between Tendring District, Colchester Borough and Braintree District councils, supported by Essex County Council.

At the end of 2020, a planning inspector concluded that section one of the local plan put together by the council was sound.

In June 2018, inspector Roger Clews found the strategic plan not sound – but stressed this was not a rejection of plans to deliver three new settlements.

Nearly two years later in May 2020, the Planning Inspectorate decided that a garden community development on the Tendring and Colchester border would be sustainable, but two other garden communities proposed in the North Essex Garden Communities’’ plan should be removed.

Clews ruled that if “unsound” proposals for new settlements on the Colchester and Braintree borders and the West of Braintree garden community were removed, the North Essex Authorities Strategic Section 1 Plan is “capable of being made sound”.

Tendring’s local plan includes a requirement for 550 homes to be built a year during the plan period.

The councils will continue with section two of the local plan, which will include adding more detail to the “strategic blueprint” in the first part.

A public inquiry to examine this is due to begin this month.

Neil Stock OBE, leader of the council and planning portfolio holder, said: “This part of our new local plan is ambitious and innovative, in our proposals for a garden community, in the way we worked jointly with our neighbouring councils, and in the way it will deliver for our residents and businesses.

“I am also particularly pleased at the cross-party support this has received from my colleagues here, showing that through all of the scrutiny this has undergone it is recognised that the local plan will benefit our district and is not political.”

Colchester Borough Council’s full council backed this section of the local plan for adoption on 1 February. It sets out that the council must deliver 920 homes a year.

Braintree District Council’s local plan sub-committee has considered section one of its local plan, which sets out a housing target of 716 homes a year, and it will go before the full council on 22 February for formal adoption. Public examination of section two is expected to open in July 2021, but is subject to confirmation.   

Gabrielle Spray, cabinet member for planning at Braintree District Council, said: “We are extremely disappointed that the examination will be taking place later than we had originally hoped, however, the timing is a matter for the Planning Inspectorate. Once the examination process starts, it will mean our local communities can move forward with more confidence knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel for us to be able to better defend ourselves against inappropriate planning applications. Once section two has been examined in public it will go out to further public consultation before it can be adopted.”  

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