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Swansea LDP set to be adopted by month-end

Words: Roger Milne
Swansea / Shutterstock

Swansea’s replacement local development plan (LDP) is set to be adopted by the end of this month, the city council has announced.

The blueprint is the culmination of more than six years of work by the local authority. Once adopted, the LDP will help guide the council on future planning decisions relating to hundreds of sites across the city.

The focus during its development was to identify key strategic sites that could meet future demand of housing needs.

Last month the masterplan for the largest of the plan’s six strategic sites was approved: a sustainable urban village that should provide up to 1,950 new homes on the northern edge of Swansea close to the M4.

Over the 10-year period of the LDP the council has allocated sites for around 17,000 new homes and has made provision for 13,000 new jobs.

Following the draft LDP’s examination by planning inspectors the plan has been revised to clarify the timing of development; and amend the on-site targets for affordable housing, specified thresholds and assessment criteria for new areas for homes in multiple occupation (HMOs).

The plan has also identified a new Special Landscape Area at the Garngoch and Lower Afon Llan Valley.

As well the completed plan has changed the green belt designation to a green wedge and adjusted its boundaries.

David Hopkins, cabinet member for delivery, said: "The council has been working hard on preparing the LDP. We've gone through a number of specific drafts and the public consultations have resulted in a huge amount of valuable feedback which has helped strengthen the document.

"I'm delighted we are now at the final hurdle which is to approve the plan formally. I'm also confident the emphasis of the plan is to address the needs of this city in terms of taking it forward as a modern developing city - where important factors like expanding populations and increases in business development are at the heart of it.

"All the strategic sites will feature similar requirements so that the city can expand in the right way and Swansea can grow as a modern city."

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