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Swansea gears up to build council houses again

Words: Roger Milne

The first newly built council homes for a generation are set to be built in Swansea after the city council unveiled proposals to provide more affordable housing.

Swansea Council has identified land at Milford Way, Penderry and Parc y Helig in Birchgrove as potential sites for the homes.

The pilot scheme is part of a longer-term plan to provide many more affordable homes in future.

Funding for the developments will be paid for from rent revenues and not from council tax.

Andrea Lewis, cabinet member for next-generation services, said: “It’s no secret that demand for good-quality, affordable homes to rent isn’t being met in sufficient numbers. Families and communities are suffering as a result and, as a council, Swansea has the determination to do something about this.”

She added: “Changes to the way council housing is financed in Wales came into effect in April, which means we can now consider a return to building once again.

“This is something we haven't been able to do until now due to government restrictions since the 1980s. There's a critical shortfall in the number of homes in Swansea for affordable rent and the sooner we start to fill this gap, the better.”