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Suffolk solar farm refusal faces judicial challenge

Solar panel farm

Judicial review of communities secretary Eric Pickles’ decision on Suffolk solar farm 

Lark Energy has applied for a judicial review of communities secretary Eric Pickles’ decision not to allow an appeal for a solar farm at Ellough in Suffolk.
The application was for a 24MW solar farm covering 46ha on land adjacent to Ellough Airfield near Beccles. Waveney District Council had granted permission to a 14MW solar farm on the northern part of the site earlier this year. Pickles overruled an inspector’s recommendation on the basis that “the limited harm caused by the appeal scheme is greater than the very limited harm that would be caused by the permitted scheme”. He also ruled that the increase in the amount of renewable energy generated by the appeal scheme did not outweigh the additional harm caused to the character and appearance of the area.
The application for a judicial review of the decision is on the grounds that he made a decision which is contrary to the principles enshrined in national planning law and the National Planning Policy Framework.