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Stats: Year-on-year increase in planning application submissions

Words: Laura Edgar
Planning statistics / iStock-157295672

A total of 53,430 English and Welsh planning applications were lodged with the Planning Portal in December 2020, according to recently published statistics.

The Planning Market Insight Report notes that this is 10 per cent less than the 59,430 submitted in November 2020, however, It is 31 per cent more than the 40,835 submitted in December 2019.

Application submissions declined in all regions of England. The report states: “There are many factors that may have impacted this trend, including the number of public holidays throughout December and the typical national slowdown towards the Christmas break, however, we do still see applications submitted on Christmas Day!”

On a year-on-year basis, all regions showed an increase, with the North East recording 21 per cent more submissions in December 2020 compared with December 2019 and Yorkshire and the Humber showing a 17 per cent rise.

The report cautions about perspective in real terms, however: London saw a 7 per cent increase on 2019’s December figures, with 121,559 submissions in 2020 while the North East saw 14,107 submissions.

Overall for 2020, Planning Portal said that “despite the dramatic reductions of application submissions seen in the spring of 2020, there were over 600,000 online applications submitted throughout 2020 – the highest levels in the last five years”.

Planning Market Insight Report can be found here on the Planning Portal website (pdf).

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