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Southwark to challenge Javid on Aylesbury Estate decision

Words: Huw Morris
Sajid Javid

The London Borough of Southwark will launch a legal challenge of the communities secretary’s decision to quash the compulsory purchase order (CPO) of flats on the Aylesbury Estate.

Sajid Javid blocked the CPO for eight remaining properties, finding it would breach leaseholders’ human rights, prompting the council to warn that the move will derail the regeneration scheme.

Southwark claimed Javid’s decision was based on a previous leaseholder policy, which it updated last December and shared with the government. This was not reflected in the decision, it argued, and the borough will seek a judicial review.

“This decision puts Southwark and all councils who are trying to build new homes for our residents between a rock and hard place,” said council leader Peter John. “We can either fight this decision or scrap our plans to regenerate the Aylesbury estate, leaving the hopes and dreams of thousands of local people in tatters. I’m not willing to do that, which is why we will take court action if necessary to try to overturn this bizarre decision.

"I honestly don’t know what the government’s policy is on estate regeneration any more, as they say one thing and do another. By this decision they are jeopardising plans for 800 new homes for Londoners.

“Of course the human rights of our residents are important, which is why each of the remaining resident leaseholders has been offered a brand new home in the same area, rent-free, and with a shared equity arrangement which protects the money they’ve saved and invested. I’m afraid that we can’t just keep offering them more and more taxpayers’ money.”