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South Wales Metro project gathers pace

Words: Roger Milne

Proposals for the next stage of the ambitious £1.5 billion South Wales metro project have been revealed by the Welsh government as it looks to create an integrated transport network.

A newly published report has provided indicators of how the next phase in the creation of the Cardiff Capital Region Metro could evolve.

It focuses on key areas, including establishing a brand for the project. This would incorporate timetables, ticketing and information for existing services.

Transport minister Edwina Hart said: “The Metro is more than just a transport project - it will be the catalyst for transforming the economic and social prospects of the region and Wales.”

Hart added that the latest report focused on examining the feasibility of the ideas set out in the original impact study.

“The Metro is an ambitious long-term project with some radical ideas, so we need to look at how we can test out some of those ideas while also delivering improvements on the ground now. This is what this plan aims to do.”

The report also highlights a number of infrastructure developments for the region, including the UK government’s investment in railway electrification. It explains that a number of “emerging infrastructure interventions” are at an early stage of development and require further testing against other options before they can progress to the business case stage.

The report also reveals that the Welsh government is considering whether the Metro project will need additional powers to provide an integrated service in the future.