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Solar remains most popular renewable energy with public

Words: Huw Morris
Renewable energy / Shutterstock_110700254

Solar continues to be the most popular form of renewable energy with the public, according to government statistics.

Figures compiled by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy shows solar energy garners an 85 per cent approval rating with the public in a survey conducted in September.

Offshore wind was the second most popular renewable technology at 81 per cent, followed by wave and tidal with 80 per cent, onshore wind with 78 per cent and biomass at 70 per cent, according to the department’s public attitudes tracker, which it publishes four times a year.

Support for renewables as a whole increased slightly to 84 per cent from 82 per cent in June. Support has fluctuated between 74 per cent and 85 per cent since the question was first asked in March 2012.

Opposition to renewable energy hit a record low of 2 per cent – a significant figure as the UK moves closer to a general election in which climate change will be centre stage. Solar energy’s top slot was down slightly on the 89 per cent recorded in March.

Elsewhere, the tracker reveals that the proportion of people opposed to fracking reached a high of 44 per cent in September. This has gradually increased from 21 per cent over the course of the tracker.

Support for fracking reached a low of 11 per cent, from its base level of 27 per cent in December 2013. The proportion that neither supports nor opposes fracking fell from 47 per cent in June to 43 per cent in September.

The most common reason for opposing fracking was the loss and destruction of natural environment with 57 per cent, followed by the risk of earthquakes at 48 per cent, which is at its highest point across the tracker.

Image credit | Shutterstock