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SNP wants more UK-wide affordable housing

Words: Laura Edgar
Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish National Party (SNP) manifesto calls for more affordable housing in the UK and the scrapping of the bedroom tax.

At the launch in Edinburgh today (20 April), SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said the manifesto is one “to make Scotland stronger at Westminster”.

Stronger For Scotland outlines the party’s support for more affordable housing. It says that although the Scottish Government is on track to meet a commitment of 30,000 new affordable homes by 2016, more needs to be done.

“We will back investment in an annual house building target across the UK of 100,000 affordable homes a year,” the manifesto states.

Additionally, the SNP has pledged its support for Help to Buy and shared equity to help people get own their own home.

The manifesto includes a section on the bedroom tax, something the party would “vote for the immediate abolition of”.

It says the money spent compensating those who are affected could then be spent “on other priorities”.

The party would like to ensure that the “promises made during the referendum are delivered” and that the Smith Commission is quickly delivered in full. It also states that the SNP will “seek agreement that the Scottish Parliament should move to full financial responsibility.”

The SNP would like the UK Government to adopt Scotland’s carbon reduction targets and it will continue to support a moratorium on fracking.

The UKIP manifesto said the party would replace the NPPF if it were in government while the Liberal Democrats would require local authorities to make a plan for 15 years of housing need.

A Conservative government would invest in 200,000 Starter Homes, the Green Party would consider a Land Value Tax and Labour would create a National Infrastructure Commission.