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Small decline in planning applications granted

Words: Laura Edgar
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District-level planning authorities granted 91,700 decisions between April and June 2019 – a 3 per cent decline compared with the same quarter a year earlier.

This equates to 88 per cent of the decisions, the same percentage as corresponding quarter a year earlier, states a statistical release from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

It found that 83 per cent of major and minor decisions were granted, which is the same as the quarter ending June 2018.

In total, district-level authorities reported 103,900 decisions on planning applications in April to June 2019, which is 3 per cent less than the 106,900 decisions in the same quarter of the previous year.

The release says 88 per cent of major applications were decided with 13 weeks or the agreed time, the same as the corresponding quarter in 2018. Also, from April to June 2019, 85 per cent of minor applications and 90 per cent of other applications were decided within eight weeks or the agreed time, the same as a year ago.

Breaking the numbers down, 10,900 residential applications were decided, 8 per cent less than between April and June 2018, while 1,400 major developments and 9,500 minor applications were granted. Authorities approved 2,200 commercial developments.

Authorities decided 403,200 planning applications in the year ending June 2019, a 5 per cent decline compared with the year ending June 2018. Of those 403,200, 355,000 decisions were granted, 5 per cent less than the year ending June 2018.

There were 45,800 residential decisions in the year ending June 2019; 6,200 were major and 39,700 were minor developments, down by 4 and 6 per cent respectively compared with a year earlier.

Planning Applications in England: April to June 2019 can be found on the UK Government website (pdf).

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