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Slight decline in applications submitted in Northern Ireland

Words: Laura Edgar
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A total of 12,207 planning applications were received by local planning authorities in Northern Ireland during 2019/20 – nearly 3 per cent fewer than in the previous financial year.

According to the Department for Infrastructure’s (DfI) 2019/20 Annual Statistical Bulletin, this breaks down to 12,058 local and 149 large applications.

During that period, 11,747 planning applications were decided upon, which is 3 per cent fewer than the number decided the previous year. Decisions were issued on 11,616 local applications, as well 129 major and two regionally significant planning applications.

Local planning authorities took on average 14.0 weeks to process applications to decision or withdrawal, which is within the 15-week target. The DfI release states that this is a 0.8-week improvement compared with 2018/19. Overall, seven of the 11 councils met the 15-week target.

On average, it took 52.8 weeks across all local planning authorities to process major applications – 6.2 weeks quicker than the previous year. However, it is higher than the 30-week target. Antrim & Newtown Abbey and Fermanagh & Omagh councils, however, did meet the target. 

Councils concluded 81.4 per cent of enforcement cases within 39 weeks during 2019/20, which meets the statutory target of 70 per cent. Ten of the 11 councils met the target in 2019/20.

The Annual Statistical Bulletin can be found here on the DfI website.

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