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Site by Dublin Airport slated for 3,000 homes

Words: Roger Milne

Galway developers the Comer brothers have announced plans to invest €1.5 billion in developing 3,000 homes, manufacturing space and a science park on land between Dublin Airport and the M50 motorway.

Luke Comer, co-founder of the international property development company Comer Homes, described the 85-hectare site as "the most strategic piece of real estate in Europe."

"It is close to the M50, the airport, Dublin Port and the city centre. It is an absolutely ideal place to develop both homes and commercial space," he said.

The site would be served by the 53 km Metro rail line planned to link Dublin Airport with the centre of the capital.

The residential part of the development would be bordered by a science park on one side and light manufacturing floor space on the other, said the developers.

The brothers bought the land earlier this year. Planning has not yet been secured for the project.