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Sharma announces compulsory purchase reform

Words: Laura Edgar
Alok Sharma / Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Housing and planning minister Alok Sharma has announced a new package of measures that aim to ‘simplify and speed up’ the compulsory purchase process.

These should enable local authorities, and other bodies, to acquire land needed for development and infrastructure projects, like new roads, rail and regeneration.

Sharma said: “This government is committed to making compulsory purchase simpler, fairer and faster.  

“That is why the measures we are introducing include a clearer way to assess compensation – replacing obscurely worded legislation and over 100 years of confusing case law.

“We are also introducing a new form to make it easier for claimants to get the compensation they are entitled to, and help acquiring authorities get the information they need to assess claims more quickly.”

Measures in the Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017 have also come into force this week, which also intend to speed up the process, including clarifying the way compensation is calculated.

The compulsory purchase order guidance can be found on the UK Government website.

Image credit | Foreign and Commonwealth Office