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Scunthorpe United prepare for new stadium after delay that cost club ‘millions’

Words: Lydia Till
Proposed Scunthorpe Stadium / Frank Whittle Partnership

Scunthorpe United FC have received planning consent for a £30 million redevelopment of their existing stadium almost a year after submitting plans to North Lincolnshire Council in August 2018.

The proposal has taken over three times longer than the government’s 13-week guideline for major applications. The delay so far remains unexplained, despite repeated requests from the club for a reason.

The club was originally set to relocate to a new stadium as part of the Lincolnshire Lakes project, led by North Lincolnshire Council, which aims to create 6,000 homes and new community facilities on land between Scunthorpe and the River Trent.

It was forced to abandon the Lakes plans after having obtained planning consent because of a lack of progress and stalled development.

The Lakes project has currently received more than £26 million of taxpayers’ money and tens of millions more in government loans to the private sector.

North Lincolnshire Council has since returned the £56,117 planning fee for the stadium application and a £2,310 fee for its outline application for 160 apartments. This follows action taken by the football club’s lawyers over the council’s failure to determine the applications in the government’s prescribed time period.

Scunthorpe United’s chairman Peter Swann said: “The delay in developing a new stadium, firstly at the Lincolnshire Lakes and now for a simple redevelopment of our existing grounds has cost the club millions. The club are currently in dialogue with their lawyer as to further legal action and are calling for a full investigation into the planning delays and the Lincolnshire Lakes.”

An application for 160 apartments at Glanford Park submitted with the stadium proposal remains undetermined.

Image credit | Frank Whittle Partnership