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Scottish vacant land task force looking for development opportunities

Words: Roger Milne
Vacant land / Shutterstock_479728297

The newly formed vacant and derelict land taskforce established by the Scottish Land Commission and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency began work in earnest this week.

The organisation is concentrating its efforts on finding 100 sites with the best potential for development.

There are more than 3,600 sites on the Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey, ranging in size from under one hectare up to more than 100 hectares.

Steve Dunlop, taskforce head and chief executive of Scottish Enterprise, said: “Communities will play a central part in unlocking and transforming vacant and derelict sites.

"Our job as taskforce members will be to bring all our energies, enthusiasm and networking experience to identifying the barriers and looking if there are better ways to go about making derelict land productive once more.”

By 2025 the taskforce plan to reduce the amount of vacant and derelict land in Scotland by 50 per cent and wants to identify key sites to meet this aim.

Following the pilot phase, the taskforce intends to work directly with relevant agencies and selected local authorities on a handful of selected demonstrator sites.

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