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Scottish ministers consult on new land use strategy

Words: Roger Milne

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on the future of land use aimed at ensuring land is managed in an integrated and sustainable way.

Scotland's existing strategy is a key commitment of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act and was published in 2011. It is now due for review.

This second strategy – in draft form - covers the five year period 2016 -2021.

It sets out a range of policies and proposals, including the continued use of an ecosystems approach to land use decisions and the promotion of climate friendly farming and crafting.

The draft explores the relationship between ownership, use and management of land and considers the potential advantages of a single policy statement about land.

It also encourages the concept of regional land use partnerships to bring a range of interests together to consider land use at a local level.

Environment minister Aileen McLeod said: "Scotland’s land is the subject of an energising and exciting debate as never before. Radical legislation, such as the recently passed Community Empowerment Act and the Land Reform Bill, currently before parliament, have brought a new focus on land use.”

She added: “Land has never been a more precious resource, and so this consultation is an opportunity for people to have their say on how we make a step change towards a more integrated and strategic approach to land use.”