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Scottish minister to ‘call-in’ and scrutinise all appeals for 100 or more new homes

Words: Roger Milne

Scottish planning minister Alex Neil announced this week that from now on all planning appeals for housing proposals of more than 100 units will be recalled to ensure that housing land supply issues are given ministerial scrutiny.

During a visit to a Clyde Valley Housing Association new development Neil insisted this move “underlined the government’s determination to increase the pace and scale of development to deliver more homes across all tenures”.

The announcement came as the administration rolled-out a £50 million infrastructure fund designed to help unblock sites.

“To make that happen we will team up with public and private sector bodies to tackle complex development, financing, infrastructure and planning issues impeding housing supply.” said the minister.

Last month the administration published draft planning delivery advice on housing and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the independent panel set up to review Scottish planning is due to report in May after the forthcoming election. It is expected to focus many of its recommendations on how the regime can improve the delivery of good-quality housing developments.

Image credit | Shuttershock