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Scottish capital’s LDP planning scheme agreed

Words: Roger Milne
Edinburgh  / iStock-510178034

Edinburgh City Council has agreed the planning scheme for the capital’s latest local development plan, City Plan 2030. This should see the main issues report published in November this year with the proposed blueprint reported to the planning committee by next August.

The hope is that the local development plan (LDP) should be adopted by February 2022.

The development plan is being prepared under existing legislation and not the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, as this requires secondary legislation, guidance and transitional arrangements, which need to be put into place by the government over the next couple of years.

The capital’s LDP will set out the council’s proposals for development in the city, including where development should and should not happen.

It will be accompanied by supplementary guidance covering the nine town centres and the city centre retail core.

Other guidance will cover issues like developer contributions, infrastructure delivery, the Edinburgh BioQuarter and Little France Park.

The LDP is being prepared at a time when the longer-term future of the capital is under consideration.

The council has been consulting on proposals for the city centre’s transformation, low emission zones and the so-called Meadows to George Street initiative.

Over 8,000 residents have responded to a range of measures designed to help the city cope with an increasing population and evolving lifestyle choices. These aim to enhance quality of life and provide sustainable, active and accessible transport options.

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