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Scotland's planning division’s e-planning initiative exceeds targets

Words: Roger Milne
Submit a planning application / Shutterstock_244874494

The administration’s Planning and Architecture Division's latest annual report has highlighted a particularly strong on-line performance with the 2014/15 target of 45 per cent for planning applications submitted electronically easily met. The out-turn figure was 63.5 per cent.

In terms of planning decisions made within the statutory deadline the achievement of just over 91 per cent was down by a couple of percentage points on the previous two years.

The performance in respect of development plan consultations showed an improvement with some 95.5 per cent of responses within planning authority deadlines, up four percentage points compared to the preceding 12 months.

The report stressed that in 2015-16 the focus will be on improving digital communication.

The decision has been taken in response to the results from the division’s stakeholder survey.

Report authors explained: “The results indicated that our website needed some updating and greater promotion of the other digital platforms we use is required. We also recognise that throughout the year opportunities have been missed to improve our communication with stakeholders.”