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Scotland’s first LEZ launched

Words: Roger Milne
Buses - Glasgow / iStock-157728704

Scotland’s first low emission zone (LEZ) came into force this week in Glasgow. It is intended to be the forerunner of similar initiatives in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee.

Under the first phase of the Glasgow LEZ, a fifth of all buses passing through the city centre must comply with stringent European emissions standards. Phase two, which applies to all vehicles entering the area, will be implemented in four years’ time.

Environment campaigners have claimed that this approach lacks ambition and will not achieve any significant change in air quality for years.

Anna Richardson, the city’s convener for sustainability, said: “Glasgow's LEZ will initially only affect local service buses but by the end of 2022, its emission standards will apply to all vehicles entering the zone.

“This pragmatic and phased approach looks at the city’s overall needs and will ensure there’s no detriment to people’s lives, businesses and the vitality of our city centre.”

Meanwhile, in a separate but related move, Dundee City Council has been awarded nearly £350,000 to explore the impact on traffic of a low emission zone (LEZ).

Image credit | iStock