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Sargeant reminds Welsh councils of sustainable energy commitment

Words: Laura Edgar
Carl Sargeant | National Assembly for Wales

Welsh natural resources minister Carl Sargeant has written to local authorities setting out his expectations of their role to generate energy for the country.

This follows the announcement by UK communities and energy secretaries Greg Clark and Amber Rudd of measures to accelerate shale gas planning applications through a new dedicated planning process. 

Writing to Welsh councils and other bodies responsible for planning to “assure them that these measures were applicable to English councils only”, Sargeant reiterated the Welsh Government’s commitment to renewable energy.

“Wales is a green and clever land and we want to ensure, in accordance with the principles set out in the groundbreaking Well-being of Future Generations Act, that we address the issue of climate change immediately through the effective deployment of renewable energy technologies,” said Sargeant in his letter.

The minister went on to emphasise the Welsh Government’s support for renewable energy, highlighting it as being a key element in ensuring that Wales achieves sustainable development for future generations.

Image courtesy of the National Assembly for Wales